Top-5 Best Strains of Weed for Running

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What strains of weed are best for running? While no strain wears the crown as the “ultimate running companion”, certain varieties are celebrated for their invigorating and motivational properties.

Each individual resonates uniquely with different strains. We’ve curated a top 5 list of our cherished strains for running to enrich your outdoor escapades and hasten your discovery journey.

Your ideal strain might be a personal affair and may not even feature on our list. So, consider this a guide, not a constraint.

Do you want to use weed for sports or stress management, but you don’t know which strain to choose? We recommend reading these articles:

Green Crack

strains of weed for running

THC: 15-25%

Effect: Upon indulgence, Green Crack paints the mind with electrifying hues, a favorite among strains of weed for running, owing to its powerful THC potency of up to 24%. This 65:35 sativa to indica blend unfurls a wave of crystalline clarity, revitalizing the spirit and banishing shadows of doubt, making it ideal for those who prefer strains of weed for running.

It’s like sunlight piercing through morning mist, especially potent for those battling the specters of anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, or migraines, serving as a beacon in their therapeutic journey.

Smell: One whiff of Green Crack’s buds and you’re transported to an ancient forest after a gentle rain. An intoxicating mix of damp earth and fresh pine envelopes the senses, with hints of wild berries playing hide and seek, encapsulating the essence of its Pacific Northwest heritage.

Taste: On the tongue, Green Crack performs a mesmerizing dance. The lead is taken by sultry tropical whispers, like the soft call of distant shores. This is perfectly partnered with a sprightly citrus zest, a tango of flavors that lingers, teasing and tantalizing, long after the final note has been tasted.

Fans of bright flavors and aromas are recommended to try sauce cartridge with Kush Mints strain. With its refreshing minty flavor and high THC content, the Kush Mints cartridge is perfect for those who want a potent and flavorful smoking experience without the hassle of rolling or grinding.

Or what about Empire Cake strain?  Famous for its delicious flavor and soothing effects, Empire Cake is one bud that you’ll want to be a part of again and again


strains of weed for running

THC: 13-20%

Effect: For those seeking strains of weed for running, AK-47 might be an unexpected contender. This blend, with a sativa-indica ratio of 65:35, unholsters an invigorating dance of the mind.

As you exhale, a cerebral ballet commences: a lift that feels like being caressed by the softest feathers, elevating spirits and dousing the soul in pure, shimmering euphoria.

In the world of running, where mental stamina is as crucial as physical endurance, this strain’s ability to paint the world in a brighter hue and make conversations flow like silk can be invaluable.

Coupled with its physical relaxation properties and its potency, AK-47 stands out among strains of weed for running, particularly for those battling chronic stress, anxiety, and migraines during their runs.

Smell: Before a run, when seeking inspiration from strains of weed for running, AK-47 offers a poetic blend of nature’s finest tales. Earthy undertones, reminiscent of a runner’s path through dense forests, meet the nose first.

Paired gracefully with herbaceous whispers, it evokes memories of trails gone by. The floral spice accents further elevate the olfactory experience, akin to sprinting through a midnight garden.

Taste: On the palette, AK-47 delivers a symphony befitting those seeking strains of weed for running. Leading is a delightful note of sour, but sweet earth – a taste parallel to a forest’s fresh morning dew. As it lingers, a crescendo of spicy floral hints emerges, mirroring the exhilaration of a long run’s final stretch.

Blue Dream

strains of weed for running

THC: 17-24%

Effect: Among strains of weed for running, Blue Dream emerges as a top contender. Its genetic composition, leaning 60% towards sativa, ushers in an invigorating burst that runners often crave.

The immediate onset of an uplifting cerebral high ensures you’re not just physically, but mentally attuned to the rhythm of your footsteps. It motivates, focuses, and sends waves of creative energy, making those long runs seem like an exploration of one’s own psyche.

Yet, even as it ignites the spirit of the runner, it offers a comforting embrace: a mellow, relaxing undertone that warms, numbs, and alleviates pain. This duality makes it an ideal choice for athletes, especially those running off chronic stress, injuries, or mental weights like depression.

Smell: The first breath of Blue Dream is reminiscent of a serene morning run through orchards. The air, infused with the aroma of sweet blueberry pie, fills the lungs, transporting one to memories of summer mornings and the scent of nature’s bloom.

Taste: On the palate, it’s a refreshing sprint. Each inhale brings forth the taste of sugary blueberries, mirroring the thrill one feels during those first moments of a run. This taste, pure and lingering, remains as a reminder, echoing the satisfaction one feels post-run.


strains of weed for running

THC: 18-21%

Effect: When exploring strains of weed for running, Chocolope stands out as a sprinter’s delight. With a dominant 95% Sativa genetic structure, this strain promises to elevate both the mind and spirit. While it provides an anxiety-relieving embrace, it simultaneously acts as an appetite enhancer.

It’s the kind of dual-energy runners, especially long-distance ones, often seek: calmness with an undercurrent of drive. This strain isn’t just about relaxation; it’s also a euphoric burst that can make you forget the strain in your muscles, the burning in your lungs, and just revel in the rhythm of your strides.

But a word of caution: the uninitiated, especially those sensitive to heightened psychedelic experiences or paranoia, should tread lightly. It’s a strain that can have you feeling on top of the world, but moderation, as with running, is key.

Smell: Inhaling Chocolope’s aroma is akin to a spirited jog through a sun-kissed cocoa plantation. Each whiff promises a heady blend of earthy richness, reminiscent of rain-drenched soil, intertwined with the sweet seduction of freshly bloomed cocoa blossoms.

It’s an olfactory symphony, striking notes that evoke memories of warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, combined with the wild, untamed scent of a verdant forest.

Taste: On the palate, Chocolope is nothing short of a sensory marathon. The initial flavor profile is a rich tapestry of smoky chocolate, each puff painting the tongue with the deep, velvety tones of a well-aged dark chocolate bar.

But as it lingers, subtle undertones emerge – hints of roasted hazelnuts, a whisper of caramel sweetness, and the faintest trace of sun-ripened berries. It’s a taste journey, from the comforting embrace of a hot cocoa mug on a chilly morning to the invigorating thrill of biting into a lush, ripe berry during a summer run.

Great White Shark

strains of weed for running

THC: 15-21%

Effect: Diving into Great White Shark feels like plunging into azure consciousness depths. Upon the first encounter, a cerebral tidal wave engulfs users, blurring external reality with dreamy haziness. The ensuing warmth envelops the mind and body, ushering serene tranquility.

As the high recedes, one drifts into a peaceful sleep, making it a top choice among strains of weed for running, especially for those seeking post-run relaxation and relief from anxiety, stress, or muscle tension.

Smell: As soon as the jar opens, the aroma captivates like a cascade of memories from an old maritime village. A blend of rich, aged parchment from a time-worn library mingles with the distinct sweetness of sun-cured tobacco.

These scents intertwine, conjuring images of fog-kissed docks, wooden ships, and lantern-lit tales told by old sea captains under a canopy of stars.

Taste: The first draw brings a taste of adventure — a tapestry of salty sea breezes and ancient mariners’ tales. The dominant pungent note, akin to the briny kiss of ocean waves, crashes first on the palate.

But as the smoke settles, there’s an undertow of earthy flavors, reminiscent of rain-drenched coastal cliffs and the mysterious allure of hidden coves. The finishing touch is an echoing aftertaste of wild herbs carried by stormy winds across rugged shorelines.

In recent years, the vape cartridge landscape has blossomed, and standing proudly amidst this fiercely competitive bloom is the APE Premium Cannabis brand. APE’s charm lies in its diverse flavor arsenal. Be it the invitingly sweet notes of fruit or the rich, earthy aromas, APE hosts a variety of strains, each offering a unique sensory journey. 

In the vibrant world of cannabis, the choice of the right strain is pivotal, especially when aligning it with specific activities like running. Our exploration into strains of weed for running reveals a cornucopia of flavors, effects, and experiences, catering to different moments in a runner’s journey.

From pre-run motivation and mid-run euphoria to post-run relaxation, each strain brings its unique melody to the runner’s symphony.

Remember, while this list highlights some notable contenders, the perfect strain might be an intensely personal discovery. So, lace up your running shoes, and let these strains of weed for running guide, inspire, and elevate your next run. Happy trails and even happier highs!

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