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Introducing APE Double Blunts, a symphony of flavors and sensations crafted into two exquisite 2-gram blunts in every package. Rolled with the precision that only APE can offer, each blunt is an exploration of taste and quality.

For the thrill-seeker, the High Octane strain ignites the senses with its energetic rush and robust intensity. The enigmatic Alien OG lures you into a cosmic journey, a mysterious and otherworldly escape. The Kool Aid strain is like a refreshing breeze on a hot day, a soothing touch with a chill vibe. Finally, Marshmallow OG wraps you in a cloud of luxurious sweetness, a gentle embrace that feels like a soft caress.

Made with natural, unbleached paper and filled with the finest cannabis flower, APE Double Blunts aren’t just a product; they’re a curated experience. Carefully selected for potency, flavor, and aroma, every puff is a satisfying journey, a moment to savor. Embrace the APE Double Blunts and elevate your senses to a realm of extraordinary.