Ape Blunts Wraps 101: Flavors and Effects

Ape Blunts

Crafted with care using select cannabis flowers, these blunts are wrapped in unbleached premium paper, guaranteeing a potent smoking experience. At the moment , the following blunts are presented in the Ape catalog: High Octane, Kool Aid, Alien OG, and Marshmallow OG.

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What are Ape Blunts?

Ape Blunts

APE Blunts are a standout offering in the expansive cannabis market, meticulously crafted using only the choicest of cannabis flowers and wrapped in top-grade rolling paper. With a generous weight of 2.2g, these blunts promise extended smoking sessions, making them perfect for both solo enjoyment and sharing with friends.

Beyond just the weight, APE’s commitment to quality is evident in their rigorous testing protocols: every batch of cannabis used is thoroughly examined to ensure its potency, distinct flavor, and aromatic richness. One of the hallmarks of APE Blunts is the precision in grinding the cannabis, ensuring a consistent and even burn from start to finish.

To further elevate the user’s experience, each blunt is equipped with a glass tip. This not only serves as a touch of luxury but also enhances the overall smoking session, facilitating a cooler draw and enabling users to enjoy the blunt over multiple occasions.

High Octane

Ape Blunts

One of Ape Blunts – High Octane is a masterful blend of indica purity, born from the illustrious lineage of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush strains.

With a THC content oscillating between 19-26%, each drag immerses you in a tranquil blanket, making it the go-to for those combating chronic pain or restless nights.

As the effects settle, users often experience a deep sense of laziness, with an overwhelming couch-lock leaving them physically sedated and mentally uplifted, drifting into a state of happiness and unfocused relaxation.

As you inhale, the palate is serenaded with a dance of zesty lemon and profound earthiness, finishing with a spicy whisper.

The scent carries an earthy depth, punctuated by tangy citrus hints. Visually, the buds are minty green, speckled with orange hairs and glistening with a frosty coat of white trichomes. For both seasoned connoisseurs and curious newcomers, this blunt promises a harmonious blend of relaxation and sensory pleasure.

High Octane [Indica Dominant] — Blunt (2.2g)

Kool Aid

Ape Blunts

Kool Aid Kush, featured in Ape Blunts, is an indica-dominant strain recognized for its unique Kool-Aid-like flavor, enhanced by hints of sugary bubblegum and a smooth kush undertone upon exhale. When ignited, its robust aroma of kush combined with sweet fruits and bubblegum fills the air.

As for its effects, Kool Aid Kush provides a powerful yet relaxed high. It commences with a euphoric lift, leaving users in a state of happiness and bliss without an energy surge. Over time, this euphoria transitions into a body-buzzing relaxation, making the user feel at ease, albeit with a pronounced appetite.

Beyond its sensory allure, APE Blunt Kool Aid’s potency, boasting a THC level of 32%, serves therapeutic purposes.

Kool Aid [Sativa Dominant] — Blunt (2.2g)

Alien Og

Ape Blunts

Alien OG Blunt, a hallmark product under the APE Blunts brand, is a harmonious hybrid exuding a symphony of balanced energies, attributed to its 50% indica and 50% sativa lineage.

Born from the exquisite union of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush strains, its potency is undeniable, with THC levels confidently dancing between 22-28%.

Upon ignition, a cerebral euphoria cascades like a wave, washing away lingering shadows of negativity, while a soothing full-body embrace of relaxation follows, grounding and comforting every fiber of your being.

Each draw unveils a tantalizing flavors, where sour citrus waltzes with sweet lemon, rounded off by a woody undertone that lingers like a whispered secret. The aroma is a seductive siren song, earthy and herbal, crowned by a zesty lemon crescendo that intensifies with each inhalation.

Beyond its therapeutic potential in assuaging stress, anxiety, and chronic ailments, Alien OG Blunt is a sensory voyage, designed to enchant both the seasoned connoisseur and the curious explorer.

Alien Og [Indica Dominant] — Blunt (2.2g)

Marshmallow OG

Ape Blunts

The Marshmallow OG Blunt emerges as a unique cannabis offering, a seamless blend derived from the renowned OG Kush roots and possibly influenced by the Bubble Gum heritage.

This strain is notable for its one-of-a-kind flavor palette, intertwining sugary confectionary tastes with undertones of rich honey and a fruity zest. Its scent, evoking the sweetness of classic marshmallows, has a subtly sharp hint, piquing curiosity upon release.

When enjoyed, consumers can expect a dual-layered effect. There’s an initial wave of uplifting joy focusing around the forehead and eyes, creating a delightful, albeit slightly dreamy sensation.

As this experience unfolds, it transitions into deep calm, often boosting hunger and leading to peaceful rest. Given its well-rounded impacts, Marshmallow OG Blunt is a viable option for individuals looking to address sleep disturbances, inconsistent hunger, and bodily discomforts.

Among Ape Blunts Marshmallow OG has the most balanced THC levels, combined with its alluring flavor and scent profile, promise an unforgettable journey for both the experienced and newcomers alike.

Marshmallow OG [Indica Dominant] — Blunt (2.2g)

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