How to make time go slow by using cannabis?

How to make time go slow

Cannabis, specifically its active component THC, interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain, leading to altered time perception. Through various research studies, it’s evident that many cannabis users reported experiencing as if time slows down while under its influence. Learn how to make time go slow with cannabis and understand its impact.

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How weed make time go slow?

How to make time go slow

Cannabis alters our perception of time by impacting the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, which influence time estimation. When under the influence of weed, particularly its active component THC, individuals often feel as if time is moving more slowly than it actually is.

In a notable study by Atakan in 2012, published in “Current Pharmaceutical Design”, it was observed that a significant 70% of cannabis users experienced a distorted sense of time, feeling as though moments lasted longer than they truly did.

A subsequent study in 2014 led by D’Souza, showcased in “Psychopharmacology”, provided further insights into this phenomenon.

Through a series of time perception tasks with participants before and after consuming varying THC levels, it was determined that those under the influence perceived time to stretch by about 25% and compress by 15% compared to their sober assessments.

These findings from both studies indicate that cannabis interacts with specific brain regions associated with time perception, leading to the sensation of prolonged time passage.

So it’s really important to know how to make time go slow with cannabis and understand its impact on your perception of time.

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What Do These Effects Mean?

How to make time go slow

The effects of cannabis on time perception, while potentially subtle, have profound implications on our daily routines.

According to recent studies, even a slight distortion in time perception due to cannabis can critically affect tasks that rely on split-second decisions, such as driving or cooking.

Given that over 12 million people reported driving under the influence of weed in 2018, according to a survey by SAMHSA, the importance of understanding these effects becomes clear.

Time perception plays a pivotal role in our everyday life. Take, for instance, the act of crossing a busy street. Research from traffic safety analyses indicates that a pedestrian has approximately 2 seconds to assess the speed and distance of oncoming vehicles.

Any distortion in this judgment could lead to accidents. Likewise, in the realm of music, performers often rely on millisecond-level timing accuracy, especially when playing in an ensemble. A drummer or pianist’s mistiming, even by a fraction of a second, can disrupt an entire performance.

The current landscape of research, although informative, is still in its nascent stages concerning cannabis’s impact on time perception. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has highlighted the need for further investigation.

With the advancements in neuroimaging, upcoming research endeavors may offer a more granular understanding of how cannabis affects the intricate neural networks responsible for time perception in the brain.

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