What does it mean to green out?

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“Green out” isn’t about being eco-friendly in the cannabis world; it mirrors the disorienting effects of drinking excessively.

The unpredictability of “green out” stems from our unique bodily responses to cannabis. Novices or those who partake occasionally may find themselves more vulnerable.

External factors, like insufficient sleep, thirst, or an empty stomach, can intensify the experience. Ever heard of someone biting off more than they could chew with a particularly strong edible? That’s the essence of it.

While alarming, cannabis doesn’t threaten life, nor does it induce overdose. If you experience “greening out,” it’s wise to be with a trusted friend, hydrate, and rest. Symptoms typically fade by morning. Some might grapple with residual anxiety or develop a wary stance towards cannabis, but reactions vary person to person.

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Is Greening Out Overdosing?

green out

Navigating a “green out” means plunging into an overwhelming THC tide, the primary catalyst of cannabis’s euphoria. Despite THC’s celebrated roles, sometimes its embrace intensifies unexpectedly. This isn’t limited to THC; high concentrations of cannabinoids like CBD could occasionally unsettle.

At our core, we have the EndoBlend System (EBS). This complex network influences everything from cerebral rhythms to energy. THC interacts with this system, especially with the CB-A receptors.

This interaction can amplify serotonin—the “bliss molecule.” When overstimulated, we might experience a serotonin cascade, which verges on symptoms like a racing pulse and disarray.

Another twist is the Cannabliss Recurrence Syndrome (CRS). Stemming from long-term cannabis use, its symptoms like cyclic nausea mirror the “green out” but have a distinct pattern.

Factors amplifying greening out include alcohol consumption and being new to cannabis, lacking THC familiarity. Edible cannabis, being inherently potent, can increase the risk. Yet, inhalables offer a metered experience. Spirits, meanwhile, can intensify THC’s effects.

For those who do not want to take risks, we recommend starting with weak or medium strains, for example Lemon Tree in Sauce Cartridge. This hybrid strain offers a unique combination of sweet and sour flavors, with a high THC content that delivers a balanced high.

Or what about Acai Berry Gelato strain? It offers a unique combination of fruity and sweet flavors, with a high THC content that delivers a balanced and uplifting high.

What Causes a Green Out

green out

Greening out, while more often linked to first-time users, is still a seldom-encountered phenomenon.

Consider this: it’s not so much how you introduce cannabis into your system but the THC potency that plays a role.

Edibles are a bit of an enigma. Their slow-to-show but enduring effects could mean that a green-out from these treats might stretch out longer, given the time it takes for the body to process them.

Conversely, rapid-action methods like smoking or vaping usher in immediate but fleeting highs.

How to Tell a Green Out Is Happening

Manifestations of greening out, a cannabis-induced state, often include:

  • Stomach distress, commonly resulting in vomiting, making the individual feel unwell.
  • An unusually rapid heartbeat, sometimes causing heightened awareness or discomfort.
  • Intensified feelings of worry, leading to bouts of anxiety or paranoia.
  • A sensation as if one’s arms and legs are laden with weights, hindering free movement.
  • A noticeable loss of orientation, accompanied by a diminished ability to concentrate or focus.
  • Alternating episodes of feeling unusually cold or breaking into unexplained sweats.
  • Challenges in maintaining a steady breathing rhythm, possibly evoking feelings of panic.
  • In rarer cases, experiencing visual or auditory anomalies, often mistaken for hallucinations.

Some tips to Handle Greening Out

green out

Navigating the waves of a “green out” can be daunting, but with the right approach, you can sail through safely. If you’ve had a bit too much cannabis, here’s a strategy for steadying the ship:

  • Buddy System: Venture into the cannabis world with a trusted mate by your side. They can anchor you if things get stormy. If a pal looks like they’re swaying, reach out.
  • Stick to Known Shores: Indulge in well-known territories. A recognizable environment can be your lighthouse amidst the haze.
  • Time’s Tide: The ebb and flow of greening out can be disorienting, but it will recede. While the moments might stretch, the shore is in sight.
  • Quench and Balance: Wet your whistle generously. If you’re feeling adrift, a sugary beverage might pull you back to shore.
  • Seek Calm Waters: Find a serene spot to rest. While sleep may play coy, deep breaths and a quiet mind can steady the boat.
  • Engage the Horizon: Steer your mind elsewhere – chat with pals, tune into light entertainment, hum a calming tune, or wander gently. Redirecting your compass can make a difference.
  • Nature’s Navigators: In your journey, black peppercorns and lemon peels might be your guiding stars. Their reputed calming effects can be handy.
  • Anchor with Snacks: Opt for light bites like crackers, apple slices, or celery. Though greasy grub may be tempting, light fare can help you find your footing faster.
  • Reassuring Reality: Keep in mind, cannabis alone isn’t a siren song to danger. Your brain has built-in safeguards.
  • Charted Waters: Sometimes, the sea gets choppy. While greening out might make you seasick, it won’t capsize the boat.
  • A Beacon of Caution: If you’re blending cannabis with other substances or spirits, especially when underlying conditions lurk, you’re sailing into stormier seas.

Stay equipped, informed, and always have a lifeboat of safety at hand.

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In the ever-expanding universe of cannabis exploration, understanding the nuances and potential challenges, such as greening out, is crucial for ensuring positive experiences.

While the world of THC and cannabinoids can offer profound relaxation and euphoria, it’s essential to tread with knowledge and caution. Every individual’s journey with cannabis is personal and distinct.

By staying informed, seeking support when needed, and always prioritizing safety, users can confidently navigate the highs and lows of cannabis consumption.

Remember, like any journey, it’s not just about the destination, but also about understanding and enjoying the journey itself.

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