TOP 5 Best movies to watch while I’m high

APE sits in cinema glasess with pop corn and thinks about tpo 5 movies to watch while I'm high

Movies and cannabis make a perfect pair, creating a captivating experience that enhances the senses and transports you to new cinematic realms. If you’re looking for the top 5 best movies while high, we have curated a list of the top five films that will take your high experience to the next level.

Pineapple Express

3 boys from Pineapple Express

Gear up, first and foremost, for an exhilarating adventure with Pineapple Express, a beloved cult classic brilliantly blending comedy. Initially, this stoner comedy escorts us through the comedic mishaps of two buddies, who inadvertently end up in a criminal underworld filled with ludicrous scenarios after witnessing a murder.

Subsequently, its breakneck-paced storyline and comedic exchanges succeed in constantly keeping the viewer engaged. Furthermore, the remarkable performances from the cast add an extra layer of entertainment. In conclusion, Pineapple Express stands as the ultimate choice for an evening brimming with laughter for your next high movie night.

To watch Pineapple Express, you can choose a variety of sativas that emphasize the comedic and invigorating aspect of the film. For example, pineapple express will provide an energetic and cheerful mood that goes well with the comedy content of the film.

THC: 70-73%.

Variety: Hybrid.

Effect: feeling energetic and happy with a stimulating euphoria.

Symptoms: depression and anxiety.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS [Hybrid] — Sauce Cartridge (1100mg)

Find more information about this cartridge in article Embrace the Tropical Delights of Pineapple Express Hybrid: A Harmonious Blend.

Dazed and Confused

4 boys from Dazed and Confused

Step back in time to the 1970s with Dazed and Confused, a coming-of-age comedy that captures the spirit of youth, rebellion. Set on the last day of high school. This film takes you on a nostalgic journey through the lives of a group of teenagers as they navigate friendships, parties, and the pursuit of freedom. With its stellar soundtrack, relatable characters, and laid-back vibe.

To create an appropriate atmosphere and enhance the relaxed mood of the film, a hybrid variety of cannabis can be chosen to provide a balance between energy and relaxation. You can choose hybrid varieties such as wedding cake. It offers a balance between energy and relaxation that is suitable for this film.

THC: 24%

Variety: hybrid

Effect: relaxed, aroused, hungry

Symptoms: stress, depression, anxiety

WEDDING CAKE X GELATO — Premium Flower (3.5g)

This is the End

6 boys run from This is the End

Another best movie from top 5 best movies when you are high is This is the End. This meta-comedy features a star-studded cast playing fictionalized versions of themselves as they face the end of the world. Packed with outrageous humor, unexpected twists, and clever references, this film is a rollercoaster of laughter that will keep you entertained from start to finish. Get ready to laugh your way through the apocalypse.

To watch This is the End you can consider a hybrid cannabis variety that will create a suitable atmosphere for laughter and relaxation. For this comedy movie, you can choose hybrid varieties such as Sour Diesel. It will create a suitable atmosphere for laughter and relaxation.

THC: 18-20%.

Variety: sativa dominant hybrid.

Effect: energetic, talkative, creative.

Symptoms: depression, anxiety, stress.

Sour Diesel [Sativa] — Sauce Cartridge (1100mg)


man from Zardoz

Embark on an extraordinary journey, firstly, into the mesmerizing world of Zardoz for an astonishing, visually spectacular experience. This science fiction movie, which unfolds in a dystopian future, compellingly unravels complex themes of power, identity, and human essence. Secondly, its psychedelic visuals and philosophical nuances work in harmony to stimulate the mind, creating a truly immersive viewing experience.

Finally, bolstered by captivating performances, Zardoz emerges as the quintessential pick for an intellectually stimulating, yet visually gripping, high movie night.

To view Zardoz you can choose a variety of sativas that will help you to perceive the visual and philosophical aspects of the film with a clearer and more energetic perception. APE recommends Boss OG.

THC: 18-20%.

Variety: sativa dominant hybrid.

Effect: giggly, relaxed, happy.

Symptoms: depression, pain, stress.

BOSS OG [indica] — Sauce Cartridge (1100mg)


2 mans from friday

Kick back and relax with FRIDAY, a classic comedy that chronicles the misadventures of two friends spending a Friday in their neighborhood. With its iconic characters, hilarious situations, and memorable one-liners, this film has become a beloved staple in stoner culture. FRIDAY’s comedic brilliance combined with its laid-back atmosphere makes it an ideal choice for a chill and laughter-filled high movie night.

To watch FRIDAY you can choose a variety of Indica, which will help to create a more calm and relaxed atmosphere, suitable for laughter and relaxation. You can choose varieties of Indices such as Gelato.

THC: 16-18%.

Variety: imdica dominant hybrid.

Effect: euphoric, happy.

Symptoms: depression, anxiety, stress.

GELATO [indica dominant] — Sauce Cartridge (1100mg)

When it comes to enjoying best movies when you are high, the possibilities are endless. The top five films on our list offer a diverse range of genres, from comedy to science fiction, each with its unique charm and entertainment value.

Whether you’re seeking laughter, nostalgia, mind-bending visuals, or thought-provoking themes, these movies are sure to enhance your high experience and leave you with lasting memories. So grab your favorite strain, sink into your comfiest spot, and let the magic of cinema unfold. Enjoy your high movie night.

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