Best Citrus Strains of weed in 2023

Citrus Strains

Citrus strains are distinguished from others by their vibrant aroma reminiscent of sun-drenched orchards and Mediterranean breezes. Their scent, which evokes fresh oranges, lemons, and grapefruit, provides an invigorating and refreshing ambiance.

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Citrus Haze

Citrus Strains

THC: 10% – 12%

Effect: Citrus Haze, one of the prominent citrus strains, offers users an immediate onset of invigorating effects that amplify mental clarity and focus upon consumption.

This cerebral high, accompanied by a pleasant relaxation, is particularly beneficial for engaging discussions or concentrating on tasks. Physically, Citrus Haze doesn’t impose an overpowering sensation but brings about a gentle tranquility.

Given its moderate THC content, which averages around 10-12%, it’s been recommended for alleviating mood fluctuations, depression, persistent fatigue, and chronic stress.

Smell: The olfactory experience of Citrus Haze is multi-layered and inviting, much like many other citrus strains. Dominant notes of zesty lemon and refreshing citrus take center stage, drawing users in with its vibrant aroma. As the fragrance evolves, it is complemented by undertones of fresh pine.

Taste: When it comes to taste, Citrus Haze embodies the zestiness often associated with citrus strains. The primary sensation on the tongue is that of lively and tangy orange, reminiscent of a fresh citrus orchard. This is balanced beautifully by the earthy flavors of pine that follow, adding complexity.

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Golden Haze

Citrus Strains

THC: 22% – 23%

Effect: Golden Haze, a sativa-dominant blend stemming from the lineage of renowned citrus strains, boasts a 70% sativa and 30% indica composition. This strain is celebrated for its invigorating high that harmoniously relaxes while energizing the user.

As one partakes, there’s an instantaneous surge of euphoria, effortlessly dispelling any negative vibes and elevating spirits. While the mind basks in this bliss, there’s a concurrent gentle body high filled with vitality, prodding activity without accentuating any bodily discomforts.

Given its robust THC level, hovering around 22-23%, Golden Haze is a popular choice among those seeking relief from chronic stress, pain, depression, anxiety, and mood-related disorders.

Smell: Golden Haze’s aromatic signature is distinctively influenced by its citrus strains lineage. When the buds are teased apart, there’s a release of an intricate melody of spicy herbs and zesty citrus. These dominant scents are complemented by floral and earthy undertones, creating an olfactory tapestry.

Taste: On the flavor front, Golden Haze doesn’t disappoint. The floral subtleness serves as a prelude to the vibrant symphony of flavors typical of prominent citrus strains. Sweet, ripe berries paired with a tangy citrus zest ensure that each puff is a delightful experience, blending the comforting with the invigorating.

Pink Acai

Citrus Strains

THC: 32% – 34%

Effect: Pink Acai, a representative of the citrus strains, strikes an even balance between indica and sativa, resulting in a 50/50 hybrid blend. It caters to those desiring a calming yet elevating experience.

The onset of its high envelopes the mind with a broad sense of cerebral contentment, pushing aside any lingering negative or tumultuous thoughts. As the mind soars, the body is swept into a gentle relaxation that progressively deepens, culminating in serene sedation.

With its THC concentration ranging between 18-34%, Pink Acai is an excellent choice for those battling chronic stress, depression, insomnia, and conditions such as glaucoma.

Smell: The aromatic profile of Pink Acai, one of the citrus strains, evokes images of a tropical paradise. Its scent reveals sour tropical undertones, beautifully layered with sweet fruity candy nuances. An earthy hint lends it depth, making it reminiscent of a breezy summer day.

Taste: In the realm of citrus strains, Pink Acai stands out in the flavor department. This strain treats users to a gustatory experience that is both refreshing and delightful. True to its name, Pink Acai offers a palate of sweet tropical citrus, fused with sugary candy hints and a sour zesty twist.

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Citrus Cracks

Citrus Strains

THC: 24% – 28%

Effect: Citrus Cracks, a standout in the realm of citrus strains, is a unique sativa-dominant hybrid with a composition of 70% sativa and 30% indica. This strain owes its lineage to the acclaimed parents, Tangie and Green Crack.

Recognized for its invigorating and stimulating effects, it serves as an antidote for moments of overwhelming lethargy. Users can anticipate an immediate surge of artistic energy upon consumption, underscored by a sense of euphoria and heightened motivation.

Given its potent THC levels, which oscillate between 24-28%, seasoned cannabis aficionados often turn to Citrus Cracks for alleviating depression, chronic stress, appetite irregularities, fatigue, migraines, and nausea.

Smell: Among the spectrum of citrus strains, Citrus Cracks offers a particularly vibrant aromatic experience. The scent is a harmonious blend of zesty citrus notes paired with profound earthy undertones, resulting in an aroma that rejuvenates and anchors simultaneously.

Taste: Distinguishing itself within the array of citrus strains, Citrus Cracks provides a flavor profile that’s both robust and tantalizing. It gracefully combines the tartness of citrus with the comforting sweetness of herbs, ensuring every drag is both unforgettable and irresistible.

Sour Jack

Citrus Strains

THC: 20% – 22%

Effect: Sour Jack, one of the prominent citrus strains, emerges as an uplifting sativa dominant hybrid. Drawing its robust genetics from the legendary strains ‘Sour Diesel’ and ‘Jack Herer’, it ensures that users are met with a burst of sparkling energy that effectively dispels fatigue.

Its potent effects make it an ally against depression, keeping users invigorated while riding on waves of euphoria and happiness. Boasting a THC content of 22%, CBN at 0.56%, and CBD levels measuring 0.22%, this strain offers a notable cerebral buzz.

Smell: A hallmark of Sour Jack, and what marks it among distinctive citrus strains, is its pronounced sour aroma, a signature scent that’s hard to overlook. This aromatic profile seamlessly blends lemony and diesel fragrances, enriched further with nuances of menthol and pine.

Taste: In the flavor department, Sour Jack doesn’t disappoint. Mirroring its aroma, its taste is reminiscent of zesty lemon soda, characteristic of citrus strains. As users savor this strain, they’ll be met with its fuely undertones, culminating in a distinctively diesel exhale.

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