Weed Shakes: What Are They and What You Need to Know

weed shakes

Have you ever found yourself in the grip of unsettling muscle tremors after a cannabis session and wondered, “What on earth is happening to me?” Welcome to the world of weed shakes, a phenomenon as curious as it is misunderstood.

In this comprehensive guide, we pull back the curtain on weed shakes to demystify this jittery experience. We’ll journey through the causes, dive into how long these shakes can last, and offer actionable steps to manage or even prevent this disconcerting side effect.

So sit back, relax, and let’s unravel the enigma of weed shakes together.

The myriad interactions between cannabis and the human body are endlessly fascinating and often unexpected. To delve deeper into this complex relationship and uncover further revelations, consider reading additional articles and studies on the subject:

What Are Weed Shakes, Exactly?

Weed Shakes: What Are They and What You Need to Know

When you ingest too much cannabis, you may experience “weed shakes,” characterized by erratic muscle twitches. These shakes are a sign from your nervous system that it’s coping with a THC overload.

Unlike shakes related to alcohol withdrawal or certain medical conditions, weed shakes are generally less concerning.

While formal research on weed shakes is limited, anecdotal accounts suggest they are relatively harmless and not uncommon. Much like other temporary side effects such as a racing pulse or nausea, weed shakes usually dissipate on their own without causing much distress.

To start, consider opting for strains with lower THC levels. Take the Lemon Tree strain in Sauce Cartridge, for instance. This hybrid blend boasts a delightful mix of tangy and sugary notes while offering a moderate THC level for a well-rounded buzz.

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What Causes Shakes From Weed?

Weed Shakes: What Are They and What You Need to Know

The Chill Factor

Imagine the sudden drop in temperature as you step into a walk-in freezer. Cannabis has the uncanny ability to make your internal thermostat dip, amplifying the iciness in already frigid settings. If you find your teeth chattering and your body quaking, the quick warmth of a fleecy blanket or the steamy embrace of a hot shower can be your saving grace.

The Stimulant Surge

Picture a carnival ride, fast, thrilling, and dizzying. That’s what stimulants like caffeine and nicotine do to your nervous system. These substances rev your dopamine levels into high gear. If you’ve got weed shakes during a caffeine buzz, it’s like adding speed bumps to that already frenzied roller coaster ride of sensations.

Anxiety’s Grip

Visualize a dark cloud gathering in the horizon of your mind. Consuming too much THC can be like summoning this cloud, affecting your emotional epicenter and causing feelings of anxiety to flood in. This overwhelming surge can manifest as weed shakes. Counter it by engaging in calming activities; think of them as rays of sunshine dispersing the dark cloud.

The THC Tsunami

Imagine a wave, huge and overpowering, crashing over you. When you consume an excessive amount of THC, it’s like being hit by this tidal force. This tsunami is often the principal actor in the drama of weed shakes.

But fear not; just as the ocean’s tumult eventually subsides, there are ways to navigate back to calmer waters when you’ve overindulged.

By understanding these diverse triggers, you can better manage or even prevent the unnerving experience of weed shakes.

How Long Do Shakes From Weed Last?

Weed Shakes: What Are They and What You Need to Know

Timeframe Mysteries

Picture the weed shakes as a fleeting musical note in a broader symphony of cannabis effects. While some folks only hear this note for a brief 20 to 30 minutes, others might find it resonating for hours. Factors like your tolerance, the cannabis potency, and your chosen method of consumption play key roles in setting the length of this particular tune.

The THC Echo

Think of THC levels in your system as the fading echo of that musical note. As this echo grows quieter—meaning as THC diminishes in your blood—the tremors generally soften and fade, much like the decrescendo in a musical piece.

The Neural Orchestra

Visualize your nervous system as a finely-tuned orchestra, where each player has a role in determining how quickly you recover from the shakes. For some, it’s a quick transition, akin to a brisk tempo change. For others, it’s a slow, languid move back to a state of calm, more like a lingering adagio.

How to Treat Shakes from Weed

Weed Shakes: What Are They and What You Need to Know

Get Moving: Unshackle Your Body

Caught in the grip of weed shakes? Don’t let inertia dictate your experience. Elevate from your seat and engage in an activity that recalibrates your mindset. Whether it’s pacing around your garden or embracing some mindful stretches, the shift in your physical state can help loosen those muscle twitches.

Craft a Soothing Space

The setting has a major influence on your cannabis journey. If your current locale fuels your nervousness, consider a scenery change. Drift into a room with softer lighting, dial into melodies that exude calm, or take a break from lively social interactions. These subtle changes can serve as a soothing elixir to your jittery system.

Sidestep the Jolt of Stimulants

Forego the company of stimulants like coffee or tobacco when you’re engaging with cannabis. These nervous system activators can escalate your shakes, turning a ripple into a wave within your body.

Fine-Tune Your Strain Choices

Every cannabis strain sings its own melody, characterized by varying levels of THC, CBD, and an array of terpenes. If your current pick has you feeling shaky, consider it a discordant note in your symphony of relaxation.

Pivot to strains featuring lower THC concentrations, or those abundant in calming terpenes like myrcene or limonene. Your friendly neighborhood budtender can serve as your maestro in this aromatic symphony.

Invite CBD to the Party

Integrating CBD into your cannabis repertoire can be the harmonizing note that turns dissonance into resonance. CBD functions as the yin to THC’s yang, offering a rounded, gentler experience. Opting for a strain that maintains a more even CBD to THC balance ensures a smoother, shake-free escapade.

As we bring our exploration of weed shakes to a close, it’s evident that these tremors are more than just a quirky footnote in the expansive cannabis narrative. They’re a nuanced symphony, conducted by factors ranging from internal body temperature to anxiety levels and THC potency.

While they may be disconcerting, understanding the diverse triggers enables you to be the maestro of your own cannabis experience. With this newfound knowledge, you can fine-tune your choices and create a smoother, more harmonious journey, free from the jarring interruptions of weed shakes.

Remember, cannabis is meant to enhance your life, not induce anxiety. Here’s to calmer, more enjoyable cannabis sessions ahead!

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