The Difference Between Stoned and High

The Difference Between Stoned and High

Cannabis fans identify two opposite states on this conditional spectrum. It’s a stoned and high. It is curious that when using cannabis, both of these effects will definitely be present, it’s just that one smoker is more likely to pay attention to the first effect, and another – to the second. So, is cannabis a stimulant or a sedative? What does the effect depend on? To avoid confusion, it is worth talking about them in more detail.

Impact of Active Cannabis Compounds on the Body

The Difference Between Stoned and High

First and foremost, it’s important to clarify that we’re discussing the classic case of smoking marijuana of a typical strain intended for recreational use. Specific cases involving strains with unusual THC and CBD combinations should not be considered. Also, the effects of pharmaceuticals based on cannabis are not taken into account here. Three main effects can be identified in this context:

  • So, first a person can feel the so-called buzz effect. This is where the effect of psychoactive substances on the nervous system begins. A person feels a slight, subtle euphoria, as well as a more noticeable surge of strength and might.
  • Due to the emotional similarity and peculiarities of perception, this stage, usually extremely short, is confused by many with the next one – the so-called “high”. It is characterized by high spirits, a surge of strength and, at the same time, a feeling of thirst for action and communication.
  • After it the stone begins. It is described by marijuana lovers as a feeling of pleasant relaxation in the body, carefree, which is accompanied by drowsiness.

All these conditions manifest themselves on different levels – both physical and emotional. That is, during the period of stone onset, the smoker not only feels a loss of strength. He just wants to relax, and the state of relaxation harmoniously combines with this emotion.

The High: Euphoria and Energy

The Difference Between Stoned and High

Being “high” is often characterized by a sense of euphoria, increased energy, and a heightened sensitivity to sensory experiences. This state is typically associated with the use of sativa strains or products high in THC. When a user feels high, they might experience:

  • Enhanced Creativity and Focus: Many report a surge in creativity, with a newfound ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. This state can also be accompanied by a heightened focus on tasks or interests.
  • Elevated Mood: A high often brings about a feeling of happiness or euphoria. Users may find themselves more talkative, sociable, and inclined to laughter.
  • Altered Perception: Sensory perception can be heightened. Colors might seem brighter, sounds more distinct, and tastes and smells more intense.
  • Increased Energy: Contrary to being stoned, a high can leave individuals feeling energized and motivated to engage in activities.

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The Stoned Experience: Relaxation and Sedation

The Difference Between Stoned and High

On the other hand, being “stoned” is typically associated with a deep sense of relaxation and sedation. This state is often linked to the use of indica strains or products high in CBD and other relaxing cannabinoids. When stoned, users might experience:

  • Physical Relaxation: There is a noticeable relaxation of the muscles, often leading to a feeling of heaviness or lethargy. This state can be beneficial for those seeking relief from physical tension or pain.
  • Mental Sedation: Cognitive processes may slow down, leading to a dreamy, introspective state. This can be accompanied by a decrease in anxiety and stress.
  • Increased Appetite: Often referred to as “the munchies,” a significant increase in appetite is common when stoned.
  • Sleepiness: Stoned individuals frequently report feeling sleepy or drowsy, making this state conducive to rest or sleep.

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Features of the effect depending on the variety

The Difference Between Stoned and High

Stoned and high, depending on the variety, can have their own characteristics. Thus, strains with a predominant sativa effect (that is, an emphasis on high rather than stone) differ not so much in stimulation as in emotional impact. That is, the smoker begins to feel euphoria, a state of high spirits and a surge of strength not so much as after several cups of coffee, but from the very feeling of readiness for exploits.

It has a downside. Too much stimulation of the central nervous system can lead to panic attacks. Also, to anxiety disorders and the opposite emotional impact relative to what was expected. Moreover, in rare cases, even hallucinations are possible.

The effect of indica-dominant strains is a stoner with an emphasis on relaxation of both body and mind. That is, it is not so much the ability to move actively that disappears, but the desire. It is also accompanied by detachment and immersion in oneself, in particular, in reflection. In this case, the ability to coordinate movements is significantly reduced. There is even the so-called “couch syndrome”. A person under the influence of such varieties of marijuana simply cannot get off the couch, even if he wants to.

In addition to the sedative effect, these varieties have the ability to provide mild pain relief, relieve muscle spasms, and also sharpen sensory perception. At the same time, many varieties also emphasize individual features and characteristics of both effects.

Can sativa and indica have the opposite effect?

Cases when, after a long and, at first glance, successful cultivation of sativa, during tasting, a pronounced stone effect is obtained, no, no, and yes, they do happen. Why? Usually, if the raw materials are of high quality, the reason is due to errors during cultivation. For example, if you wait too long to harvest, then after the sativa buds turn amber, the plant will produce stone.

In this context, it’s interesting to consider products like APE Blunts Hybrid Cherry Do-Si-Dos. This unique blend, born from OG Kush Breath, Girl Scout Cookies, and Dosidos, offers a balanced experience. It provides a blend of the stone and high effects, characterizing many sativa-indica hybrids. Enjoy its grape and citrus flavors, ideal for evening use to spark creativity and a calm, tingling sensation, showcasing how hybrids can offer a sophisticated combination of effects.

It is also worth mentioning that there are many hybrids of sativa and indica, where there is no one particular accent. Such hybrids offer both stone and high effects in equal or almost equal measure. Many of them, like the APE Blunts Hybrid Cherry Do-Si-Dos, are high in THC and are popular among users who appreciate the nuanced experiences these blends can provide.

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