Blunt Weed: Everything You Need to Know

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Blunt weed is a term used to describe a cannabis cigarette that is wrapped in a tobacco leaf paper instead of traditional rolling paper. Over the years, blunt weed has become increasingly popular. And many smokers prefer the combination of the tobacco and marijuana flavors. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about blunt weed.

What is Blunt Weed?

Blunt weed is substantially a cigar filled with cannabis. The cigar wrapper is usually made from tobacco leaves that have been stripped of their original tobacco contents and then filled with marijuana. Blunts are traditionally larger than joints and can hold more cannabis. This makes them more preferred by smokers who want a stronger and longer-lasting effect.

Blunt Weed: Everything You Need to Know

Blunt Wrappers

An important factor influencing the process of smoking is the type of tobacco leaf in which marijuana is wrapped. Here are some common blunt wrappers include:

  • Tobacco Leaf Wraps: These are the initial blunt wraps, made from natural tobacco leaves. They are usually the most aromatic and have a mildly sweet taste.
  • Cigar Wraps: These are usually made from recycled tobacco paper. There are different flavors such as grape, vanilla, and chocolate.
  • Rolling Paper: Even from a technical point of view it’s not a “blunt,” some people use rolling paper made from tobacco instead of traditional paper made from marijuana or rice.

How to Roll a Blunt

To roll a blunt is a little harder than to roll a joint. But it is still fairly easy as soon as you get skilled at it. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Grind the hemp to the desired state.
  • Take your blunt wrap and wet it with your tongue or add a little bit of water.
  • Carefully open the cigar wrapper and take out any tobacco in there. Be careful not to tear the wrapper.
  • Pour the grinding hemp into the wrapper and evenly distribute it throughout its length.
  • Place one end of the wrapper over the hemp and then roll up the blunt with your fingers.
  • Lick the sticky edge of the blunt wrap and pinch to seal it.
  • Bake the blunt heating it slowly and evenly for a smooth, even burning.
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Benefits of Blunt Weed

Potent High: Blunts may contain more cannabis than joints. As a result – a stronger high that lasts longer.

Flavors: The mix of the tobacco and marijuana flavors can provide a special and pleasurable smoking effect.

Smoothness: Wrapped tobacco can produce smoother smoke than usual rolling paper.


Blunt weed is a well-liked way to consume cannabis for those who want a potent high and unusual flavor experience. It may take a bit more effort to roll the blunt at first, but it’s definitely worth a try. Just remember to be careful when consuming and to always smoke responsibly.

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