Cannabis. San Francisco

San Francisco is a hilly city in Northern California, located on the coast of the bay of the same name near the Pacific Ocean.

The city of San Francisco is famous for its diverse attractions. It combines buildings of the Victorian era, cable cars, a promenade, where it is pleasant to walk along the ocean, admiring the evening sunsets.


In this city, you can taste not only Mexican, Italian, Chinese cuisine, but also visit Michelin-rated restaurants. It is impossible not to mention cultural events such as theater, ballet, opera, symphony known throughout the world.

In every part of the city there are green areas - parks where you can admire nature: palm trees, lawns and observe the beautiful views from the heights of the San Francisco hills.

This sunny city has everything for everyone. No wonder the people of San Francisco love their lifestyle. This city is progressive, free from prejudices with a liberal outlook on life.

Cannabis is legalized in many states of America. And in 2018, San Francisco was no exception.

This was followed by mandatory conditions for legal consumption in states where it is allowed.

Below are the official rules for those who want to legally use and buy cannabis in San Francisco :

1. Anything related to marijuana implies age 21 or older.

2. It is forbidden to transfer or sell cannabis to persons under the age of 21.

3. To drive a car influenced by cannabis is illegal.

4. The use of cannabis (ingestion, smoking or vaping) in any public place is against the law.

5. It is illegal to cross the border of any state while carrying cannabis, even if that state also allows possession of marijuana.

6. Possession or use of cannabis is not permitted on federal property.


It is important to know the places where the sale or delivery of cannabis also takes place legally.

Here you can find stores and delivery services that are licensed by the state to retail cannabis products.

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