What does THC do to the brain?

what does THC do to the brain

The question of “what does THC do to the brain?” has spurred much debate and research. The use of cannabis and its main active ingredient, THC, remains a focal point of this inquiry. While short-term use can alter senses and mood, the long-term effects, including potential brain changes and addiction risks, remain more controversial.

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How Does Cannabis Affect the Brain Short-Term?

what does THC do to the brain

Once THC, the primary active component in cannabis, reaches the brain, it impacts regions like the hippocampus and the orbitofrontal cortex, areas responsible for emotions, memory, and cognitive functions.

Research on what does THC do to the brain has shown that short-term use can lead to effects such as relief from stress, enhanced mood, and altered sensory perception. However, a 2016 review in JAMA Psychiatry highlighted potential side effects, including cognitive difficulties, decision-making challenges, and paranoia.

Additionally, a study from the National Institute on Drug Abuse points out that THC prompts the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter related to pleasure and reward.

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what does THC do to the brain Long-Term

what does THC do to the brain

Extended cannabis consumption has sparked concerns about its cognitive repercussions. According to a 27-year study published in The Journal of Neurosciences in 2018, habitual cannabis users demonstrated some deficits in verbal memory.

Yet, the direct causality between cannabis and these deficits remains under scrutiny.

Brain Morphology Concerns

A 2013 research paper in the Brain Imaging and Behavior journal suggested potential changes in the hippocampus, a region critical for memory functions, among long-term cannabis users.

However, contrasting results from a 2015 study in the Neurology Journal revealed no evident disparities when accounting for factors such as age, gender, and alcohol consumption.

Addiction Considerations

According to a 2017 report by the Health Monitoring Foundation, the risk of dependency increases for those who commence cannabis usage during their teen years. Additionally, frequent users might be more prone to other substance dependencies, especially if introduced to cannabis early in their lives.

Mental Health Correlations

A 2019 study from The Psychological Medicine Journal associated high THC cannabis consumption with heightened paranoia and hallucinatory episodes. The same study also indicated potential links to mood disorders and other mental health conditions.

The central question remains: is cannabis the trigger, or are individuals with predispositions more inclined to use it?

Unraveling these intricacies demands further in-depth research to understand the long-term implications of cannabis use.

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Can Cannabis Cause Permanent Brain Changes?

what does THC do to the brain

The debate surrounding what does THC do to the brain, especially in the context of cannabis and its long-term cognitive impact, is still unfolding. While certain brain studies suggest a notable rebound in brain function just two days after abstaining, other findings paint a different story.

A review highlighted sustained cognitive challenges, especially in decision-making and planning, even three weeks after cessation. This was especially evident in habitual, heavy users.

Yet, in another twist, some research points only to challenges with memory and learning, leaving other cognitive functions relatively unaffected.

The final word on cannabis’s lasting imprint on the brain remains a topic awaiting deeper scientific insights.

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