Top 5 Psychedelic Strains In 2024

Top 5 Psychedelic Strains In 2024

In 2024, the cannabis industry continues to reach new heights with its innovative and potent strains. Particularly noteworthy are the Psychedelic strains, known for their unique psychedelic effects that promise a journey into the unexplored realms of the mind. These strains stand apart for their ability to induce vivid, mind-altering experiences, marking a significant evolution in cannabis cultivation and consumption.

This article spotlight the top five trippy strains of the year, exploring their distinctive properties and effects. It delves into the characteristics that make each strain unique and discusses the growing interest in psychedelic cannabis.

Amnesia Haze

Psychedelic Strains

THC: 20% – 22%

Effects: Amnesia Haze, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is known for its significant sativa influence, with an 80:20 sativa to indica ratio. It’s an excellent choice for daytime use, promoting clearheaded thinking and creativity. With THC levels reaching 22%, it offers a potent experience but has a low CBD content, making it less suitable for conditions treated with CBD. This strain excels in relieving anxiety, depression, fatigue, ADHD symptoms, migraines, mood swings, and physical pain.

Smell: The smell of Amnesia Haze is a delightful mix of fresh, fruity, and hash-like scents with a sweet, earthy base. It has hints of spicy pepper, adding complexity and depth to the overall aroma. This blend of fresh, fruity, and spicy notes creates an enticing and enjoyable olfactory experience, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate a unique and aromatic cannabis strain.

Taste: In terms of taste, Amnesia Haze offers a hash-like flavor with a fruity twist and an earthy sweetness. The spicy pepper undertones detected in the smell are also present in its taste, providing a delightful complexity. The light green nugs with darker brown strands and a blanket of trichomes enhance the strain’s appeal, contributing to its unique and enjoyable flavor profile.

Experience the invigorating STATUE OF THE LIBERTY HAZE Sauce Cart, a hybrid marvel boasting cerebral sativa effects. Born from the union of G13 and Chemdawg, this creation from Barney’s Farm, known for Tangerine Dream and Blue Cheese, promises a stimulating and flavorful journey.


Top 5 Psychedelic Strains In 2024

THC: 27%

Effects: Mimosa, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is known for its bright and invigorating effects, making it an ideal choice for an early morning boost. This strain delivers an energetic and clear-headed lift right at the onset, filling your mind with euphoric motivation and laser-sharp focus. Accompanied by a subtle body tingle, these effects are primarily cerebral. With a high THC level of 19-27%, Mimosa is especially effective for those dealing with depression, chronic stress or anxiety, ADD or ADHD, migraines, and nausea or appetite loss.

Smell: The aroma of Mimosa is as delightful as its namesake beverage, boasting a profile of sweet and sour tropical citrus, complemented by woody florals and fresh earthy herbs. This combination creates a complex and inviting scent that stimulates the senses, making it a pleasant and aromatic experience reminiscent of a fresh, fruity cocktail.

Taste: Mimosa’s flavor mirrors its aromatic profile, offering a tantalizing mix of sweet and sour tropical citrus with a light berry exhale. The taste is akin to a fresh mimosa, capturing the essence of its citrus and berry notes. This delightful blend of flavors is refreshing and enjoyable, leaving a light and pleasant aftertaste that enhances the overall experience of the strain.

Wedding Cake

Top 5 Psychedelic Strains In 2024

THC: 25% – 27%

Effects: Wedding Cake, often referred to as Pink Cookies, is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its calming and appetite-stimulating effects. It can be especially beneficial for patients dealing with depression, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis (MS), and related symptoms. While it may act as a sedative, helping to calm nerves and control anxiety, it doesn’t typically completely diminish focus and energy levels. Users may experience the common side effects of dry eyes and mouth.

Smell: This strain offers an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence. The aroma is a delightful mix of the rich sweetness reminiscent of cookies and the fruity undertones of a cherry pie. This combination creates a pleasant and inviting olfactory experience, making it appealing not only for its effects but also for its scent.

Taste: True to its name, the taste of Wedding Cake is a perfect blend of the sweetness of cookies and the fruitiness of cherry pie. This combination creates a delectable flavor profile that is both sweet and fruity, with a sugary taste that is noticeable and enjoyable. The high potency of the strain is complemented by this appealing taste, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate a sweet flavor in their cannabis.

Indulge in the luxurious Wedding Cake – Prerolls Hash Rosin Infused, a 1.3g preroll for true cannabis connoisseurs. Infused with rich Hash Rosin and coated with kief, it’s a gateway to an unmatched experience. Savor the complex earthy, sweet, and fruity flavors, complemented by a vanilla-spiced aroma for a multi-faceted sensory delight.


Top 5 Psychedelic Strains In 2024

THC: 24%

Effects: LSD, a strain with a near-even balance of sativa and indica (45:55 ratio), is known for delivering a happy and strongly psychedelic experience, primarily focused on the mind. Despite its powerful head high, the indica genetics of this strain provide a calming effect, making it suitable for chronic body aches. Users might experience a range of effects from getting stuck in a mental loop (especially inexperienced users) to enhanced creativity and social interaction.

Smell: LSD has a distinctive pungent earthy aroma, enriched with an underlying sweet scent. This combination of earthy and sweet notes creates a complex and appealing olfactory experience, reflecting its potent nature and intriguing name.

Taste: In terms of taste, LSD follows its aromatic profile with a pungent earthy flavor, accompanied by a subtle sweet undertone. The taste is as unique as its effects, providing a rich and memorable experience. The flavor adds to the overall appeal of the strain, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate a complex and earthy taste in their cannabis.

Durban Poison

Top 5 Psychedelic Strains In 2024

THC: 24%

Effects: Durban Poison, a pure sativa strain, is notably potent, with THC levels reaching up to 24%. It delivers a strong and happy head high, renowned for enhancing creativity and being well-suited for daytime activities and errands. Users can expect a significant boost in energy and focus, making it ideal for active periods and tasks requiring alertness. However, potential side effects include paranoia and dry mouth. Medically, it’s effective in treating depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and nausea, making it a versatile choice for medical marijuana patients.

Smell: The dominant smell of Durban Poison is a blend of earthy and sweet notes, complemented by a subtle pine aroma. This combination creates a pleasant and somewhat refreshing olfactory experience, reflecting the strain’s natural and potent characteristics.

Taste: In terms of taste, Durban Poison follows its aromatic profile with earthy sweetness and hints of pine. The flavor is as engaging as its effects, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for the user. The earthy and pine flavors blend seamlessly, offering a taste that is both distinct and memorable.

Embrace the dynamic fusion of Durban Poison & Cafe Racer Hash Hole Pre-Roll. This blend marries Durban Poison’s vibrant energy with Cafe Racer’s soothing earthiness for a stimulating yet balanced experience. Hand-rolled with a glass filter for smoothness, it’s perfect for socializing or creative endeavors.

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